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how to know if you are pregnant ? What changes can a woman make when she becomes pregnant? Pregnancy is a time when there are often a lot of doubts about how much the baby is growing each month, what tests need to be done, what diets to pay attention to etc. Especially women who are pregnant for the first time. It is normal for them to be curious about everything. Probably not all the doubts can be answered by the gynecologist because we only have a very short time to talk to a the doctor.

how to know if you are pregnant

Indications of getting pregnant

Missing of menstruation cycle is the usual indicator of pregnancy. But by then, 1 month would have passed. But before that we can know if we are pregnant or not by putting a few symptoms. This means that a week before the period, our body will start showing symptoms.

Unusual pain in chest

The first of these is like a needle piercing the chest, causing pain and tingling. During pregnancy, our body produces more hormones, which in turn increases blood flow to the breasts. This is a sign that the baby is about to start preparing for milk after 9 months. That’s why I feel pain.

spotting of blood

The second symptom is spotting. The blood spot is less visible. It’s not like normal menstruation, but it’s a little like a blood stain.

Feeling terribly tired

Third, feel terribly tired. It is common to feel terribly tired of not being able to do anything.

Mood swings

Very common symptom is mood swings. Our mood will fluctuate quickly so that we will feel good quickly and all of a sudden one feel sad and we will cry. So the mood is changing very fast.


The fifth symptom is bloating. It often feels full of gas. Likewise, you may feel like eating certain foods or hating certain foods. We may even feel bad about the food we used to eat.

Pain in lower abdomen

Another important symptom is pain in the abdomen and lower abdomen, as well as a metallic taste in the mouth, which is iron red. These are called early pregnancy symptoms.

Ways to confirm if you are pregnant

If you miss your period, one can do blood or urine test to make sure she is pregnant. Both are tested for the hormone hcg. If interested in blood test, one can go to the lab and get it tested as well. If it is a urine test, you can buy a UPT kit and check it right from home within minutes.

When testing in the UPT kit, if the test is done in the first week after menopause, it is best to take the morning urine test itself. This is because the concentration is higher in the morning urine. The presence of the hormone is more during this time. If it is more than a week, it will give the correct result at any time frame.

When should a pregnant woman see a doctor?

If the pregnancy test is positive, she should consult a doctor immediately. At the same time, the doctor may prescribe supplements such as folic acid. This is definitely a must eat. This is because the baby’s spine and brain are formed during the first trimester. If you do not get the right amount of folic acid, your child may develop neural tube defects. That is, the spine and brain do not form properly. So take folic acid as soon as possible . Best of all, if we are planning to get pregnant, it is best to start taking folic acid supplements as early as 3 months before, for good baby health.

At the first visit, the doctor will do a blood test and a urine test to make sure there are no abnormalities .Then the doctor will advise you to do scans every 6 to 8 weeks. This is done to find out if the pregnancy is implanted properly. Normal case, the embryo must for and get attached to the uterus. Rarely it can reach the tube and get attached there.

Likewise, it is important to see if the embryo’s heart is functioning as expected. By 6 weeks the fetus has a firm hand grasp. Therefore, the heart rate can be detected at 6 weeks after the scan. The doctor will give you the due date at this time. The delivery date is calculated 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period. This can change in real practical for a number of reasons.

Since when is gestational age calculated?

Our gestation period is 280 days, which is 40 weeks. Calculating the month is 9 months and 10 days. When a woman has her last menstrual period, pregnancy begins on the first day of menstruation

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. The first 3 months are called the first trimester, the next 3 months are called the second trimester and the last 3 months are called the third trimester .Strictly speaking, the first trimester begins on the first day of the last menstrual period and lasts for 12 weeks. For a pregnant woman, the first trimester can pass quickly.


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