how to detect fake job offers

In this Digital Era it is important to know how to detect fake job offers. Cyber space is surrounded by a whole lot of scamsters with enough data available to cheat people with. There are many common characteristics of fake job scammers which we can make use to detect a fake offer . A quick analysis of these factors can help us identify genuineness of job posts and offers. Lets jump in to see the list

how to detect fake job offers

Surely scam factors

Easy hire and spot offers

No company will do easy hiring and sent you spot offers. If you receive one of those, make sure you are invited to the scam. We have seen many offer letter being sent even without interview or even applying.

Asking money or fee in advance

No reputed and genuine firm will ask money for hiring. A very few recruitment firm may charge a service charges from the employee once the job is confirmed and most time after the first salary. But quality firms do their deal with the hiring company and don’t charge the applicant. If any firm request money in advance, be firm to tell them , i dont need job by paying money.

Asking confidential information like Credit Card , OTP ,Aadhar , PAN

No company will ever ask for your credit card or ne time password for any reason. One may be asked to submit the bank details or tax number (if applicable) only after hiring. Also be cautious while submitting copy of passport or emirates id during a job application. This is only required when you join a firm and can be submitted in person.

Use of fake domain similar to job portals

Scammers may get a domain name which look similar to the popular job portal in the country to look it feel like real. For example in India – they may come up with something called and with similar ones mimicking popular job portal in India

Be cautious of the job offers

Badly written job description

A badly written job description points to either a low grade recruitment agent or a company without an HR and in worst case a fake job poster. If you are looking for a good company, better avoid responding to such posts.

Offering salary beyond expectation

If you are being offered an unbelievable salary , especially an amount which is far above the market rate , be cautious about that offer. Do a lot of homework about the company , company history and nature.

Use of Personal email for a reputed firm

All reputed firm will have a company mail system . If you receive a job offer or job post of a reputed firm with a personal email or a unsolicited WhatsApp number be cautious before you communicate as this can be someone imposing to collect information or loot money . You may call the company landline number (easily available if you google) and confirm before your submit any information.

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